Distance Learning

The iSolon Distance Learning Programmes

distance learning

Our most popular distance learning programmes are:

  • Telephone Coaching
  • Improving Win Rates for Major Bids
  • Understanding the Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts
  • Improving Management Practices
  • Improving the Use of Time

The major advantage of distance learning programmes is to reduce both the cost and the time to bring a group together, particularly if you have representatives from all four corners of the globe. However, this advantage comes at a price:

  • Significant reduction in both formal and informal networking
  • Less opportunity to cement the learning
  • Participant attention more prone to distraction

distance learning

However, in order to limit the impact of the disadvantages, we allocate meaty pre and post web-event work, which can be completed at a time and pace of the individual participant’s choosing. We also recommend that time is allocated for personal one-to-one mentoring by the programme director.

All of our interactive sessions are of three hours duration. Some modules comprise several three hour sessions.

Here is a typical agenda of an iSolon ‘Improving Management Practices’ Distance Learning Programme. This popular design is of six modules, but any number can be chosen from the Master Listing. Please note that some of the subjects will be comprised of multiple three-hour sessions. These will be combined with pre and post module work and we strongly recommend a final two-day residential module is included to consolidate all the learning.

Module 1 – ‘Understanding People & Their Emotions’

Pre-work: Read ‘Emotional Intelligence’ – supplied
Post-work: Select two reports or colleagues and describe their needs and motivations.

Module 2 – ‘Developing & Motivating People’

Pre-work: Read ‘First Break All The Rules’ – supplied
Post-work: Conduct the 12 question survey of your team or with your colleagues

Module 3 – ‘Defining Objectives & Performance Management’

Pre-work: Read ‘The Essential Drucker’ – supplied
Post-work: Set the objectives for Drucker’s eight key areas for the team

Module 4 – ‘Understanding Team Dynamics and Maximising Team Performance’

Pre-work: Read ‘Good To Great’ – supplied
Post-work: Define the ‘Hedgehog Concept’ for the team

Module 5 – ‘Managing The Planning & Organising of a New Initiative’

six thinking hats

Pre-work: Read ‘The Six Thinking Hats’ – supplied
Post-work: Use de Bono’s model for your next project planning session

Module 6 – ‘Understanding & Managing the Emotional Trauma of Change’

Pre-work: Read ‘Leading Change’ – supplied
Post-work: Describe the DREC curve to the team prior to the next organisational or process change

Residential Module – Handling Current Challenges & Role Play Simulations

This Module focuses on selecting and de-selecting people, setting their objectives, managing their performance, developing them and motivating them in simulated role play situations. These exercises are filmed and played back with coaching support.
Pre-work: Read ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ – supplied
Post-work: Explain what the 7 Habits means in a personal context

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