1. Dr Kevin Money C.Psychol
  2. Professor Rafael Gomez MA, MIR, PhD
  3. John Cross, Chief Executive

Dr Kevin Money C.Psychol

kevin money

Dr Kevin Money BSc, MSc, PhD, C.Psychol is the Director of the Positive Psychology Forum – an organisation that applies advances from psychology to foster better relationships between stakeholders and business. He is Associate Professor and the Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation at the Henley Business School in the UK. He is the former Editor of the Journal of General Management and Manager Update. Kevin has published numerous academic articles and is one of the worlds’ leading thinkers in the field of reputation. He is recogniszed for bringing behavioural insights to the study of reputation.

In addition to his academic work, Kevin has a number of Non-Executive Director roles and is also an active consultant to numerous companies including Shell, Unilever, Visa, Canon, as well as working extensively in the charity and public sector with organisations such the Hong Kong Police, Oxfam and the National Health Service (UK).

His areas of expertise are: Team Building; Executive Coaching; Leadership; Mentoring; Relationships; Organisational Reputation; Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability.

Kevin teaches on the MBA programme and he is a mentor and tutor on Henley’s Advanced Management Programme. He also supervises DBA and PhD Research Associates.

Kevin is a Chartered Psychologist, a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a licensed NLP Practitioner. He was until recently a Fellow of the Sunningdale Institute, a think-tank that was part of the National School of Government.

His publications include:
“Best and Worst Corporate Reputations : Nominations from the General Public”
“Employee Communications and Relationships” (co-authored with Professor Keith Macmillan).

Professor Rafael Gomez MA, MIR, PhD

rafael gomez

Rafael is Associate Professor in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (University of Toronto). He currently holds a cross-appointment at Woodsworth College and the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources. He received his BA in Economics and Political Science from York University (Glendon College) and an MA in Economics and PhD in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto. Since graduating in 2000, he has gone on to work and teach at the London School of Economics as a Senior Lecturer in Management.

He has been invited to conduct research and lecture in Universities and research institutes around the world, including in such cities as Madrid, Moscow, Munich and Zurich. He has worked with both public and private sector organizations on various research projects and has presented his findings at over 50 national and international conferences. Professor Gomez has published in numerous journals including the British Journal of Industrial Relations, Journal of Population Economics, Canadian Public Policy and the Canadian Journal of Economics. In January 2006, he was awarded the Labor and Employment Relations Association’s 2005 John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Award for exceptional contributions to international and comparative labor and employment research.

He is also currently the Director and Co-founder of ThinkTankToronto (TTT), a social enterprise established in 2005, whose mandate is to document, study and promote cultural innovation in the City of Toronto and other urban locations around the globe.
His teaching and research fields of interest include human resource management, labour market analysis, consumer behaviour, strategic marketing, comparative industrial relations, public policy, growth and economic performance.

Rafael is a regular conference speaker on the international circuit and his work is published frequently and referenced in newspaper articles. He is fluent in French and Spanish. Typical conference speech titles include:

  • The Effects of Demographic Aging on Economic Performance: Why Getting Greyer May Not Be So Bad
  • Demographic Change And The Nature Of Work: How Should Companies Adapt To A Changing Population Pyramid?
  • What Makes The American Market [and Americans] So Different From The Rest Of The World
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Just A Buzzword Or Something Companies Should Take Seriously?

Books and volumes published include:

  • Small Business and the City: The Transformative Potential of Small Scale Entrepreneurs. (Forthcoming, 2012). Toronto: Rotman/UofT Press. With Matt Semansky and Andre Isakov.
  • The Paradox of American Unionism. (2004) Ithaca: Cornell University Press. Seymour Martin Lipset, Noah Meltz, Rafael Gomez and Ivan Katchonovski.
  • Principles of Marketing: A Subject Guide (2005). London: University of London. Rafael Gomez and Haider Ali.

John Cross, Chief Executive

john cross

John Cross started iSolon Ltd in 2000 specialising in the design of leadership and management development programmes and delivering them around the world to large multi-national organisations. With his co-authors he wrote ‘The Little Black Book for Managers’ and ‘The Everyday Leader’. He lives with his wife Julia in Cambridge, England. Both support Arsenal football club.